7 Dishes to Try in Saudi Arabia When You Go for Umrah

One of the two holiest mosques is in Saudi Arabia. Every year millions of pilgrims from around the world visit Makkah and Medina to perform Hajj and Umrah, respectively. Many countries like Oman to the southeast, Yemen to the south, Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE) to the east, while KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)borders the Persian Gulf, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, Red Sea to the west.

So, Saudi Arabia is one of the most important and holds a high standing in the Muslim nations while it’s the third-largest country in southwestern Asia. The early population of Muslims emerged from Saudi Arabia, while Islam is the second-largest religion in the modern-day world. The most beloved prophet of Islam and Muslims, Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings be upon Him), was from the Arabian Peninsula, which adds to the significance and credibility of this place on the earth.

Hajj is performed in Makkah (in Saudi Arabia) every year following a certain Islamic lunar time and year. While Islamic pilgrimage in Makkah, Umrah (Arabic: عُمْرَة) could be taken any time of the year. Many Umrah packages with flights are offered by some of the biggest travel agencies or by the Saudi government, specifically to pilgrims from all around the world.

It’s important to keep in mind while performing Umrah; there is a certain ritual that believers should follow and certain rituals from which they should abstain themselves, as the Laws of Islam applies to all. It’s true that pilgrims should religiously follow certain rules such as wearing Ihram once entering a specific perimeter (such as (Ziti-‘Iraq, Ibrahim Mariyah, Qarnu ‘l-Manzil) in the city, as different conditions exist for air travelers.

As we know, Islam teaches its followers to be hospitable and show more warmth to others, which is why Arabian cuisines are quite popular among outsiders (who came to perform Umrah and Hajj on the land of Saudi Arabia). This article might help you in getting a refreshed insight into Arabian cuisine such as rice, dates, lamb, potatoes, spices. The best thing to know about Arabian food is it is Halal, with a mouth-watering taste that delves deeper into Saudi Arabia.

7 Dishes to Try in Saudi Arabia When You Go for Umrah

There are the top seven dishes to try in Saudi Arabia, which everyone should try when they venture there for the holy intention of performing Umrah. Get this scrumptious food, and you wouldn’t be disappointed with it.


Mandi is one of the most demanded and popular dishes of Saudi Arabia. Mandi is made by using various spices to add a bit of flavor, cooked in an underground oven, a rice dish which usually comes with boiled meat.


Saleeg is another important dish of KSA, as its origins are from Hejaz. This dish consists of roasted meat on the top, served with piping hot butter and boiled rice. This rice dish is the traditional dish of Saudi Arabia, with short-grain rice along with roasted meat in it. It comes with many spices and the meat which is first boiled in the water for effective results in cooking Saleeg.


Batatis comes with various flavors mixed with local spices, as French fries are sold by hawkers in Saudi Arabia. You will find Batatis anywhere in Saudi Arabia while roaming around the streets of the city, as fries provide a cheap yet flavored option for grabbing a quick snack.


Martabak is quite popular in Malaysia, Yemen, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia, a quite popular street food in the above-mentioned countries. You would be amazed by the freshness of the pancakes, as it contains coriander and herbs like mint. Moreover, the quality of fillings of Martabak is definitely great, there is no limit to its type.


Kasbah is mostly consumed by both rich and poor people, as it’s one of the most popular dishes which you should try in Saudi Arabia. Kasbah is the best dish in Saudi Arabia, which comes with a blend of meat and rice.


Tharid is a mixture of bread types, vegetables, meat with a bit of spice in it. Our beloved Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) also expressed His likeness for this lamb stew dish.


Basbousa comes from Turkey, Greece, Armenia and is popular among people of the Middle East for its great savour. Basbousa is a treat to the sweet tooth, as it’s served in small quantities and looks like a cake.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoy and would definitely try all the amazing dishes of Saudi-Arabia which are above-mentioned.

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