Animal Source Supports New Microchipping Guidelines

Animal Source, the online pet supplies company, has spoken out in support of plans to make the microchipping of dogs compulsory in England. The microchips, which are inserted under the dog’s skin, have a unique code which allows the dog to be identified if it should get lost.

Animal Source are a leading online supplier of pet supplies, and as many of its staff are pet owners themselves, there are strong feelings on the issue of microchipping. The new measures would mean that every newborn puppy would have to be microchipped, and while the owner would have to pay for the chip, this is a small price for additional peace of mind. Many people already chip their dogs voluntarily and the plans would make it easier to catch the owners of dangerous animals.

Gary Hulse, Managing Director of One Source Solutions, the parent company of Animal Source, said: “It is alarming that the yearly figure of stray dogs continues to climb. Currently, this figure is well in excess of 100K in the UK alone; anything that can be done to reduce the number of stray dogs by microchipping has to be a positive step forward.

I know that many of our customers will feel secure in the knowledge that, if their dog did go missing, there would be a much greater chance of their best friend finding their way back home if they have been microchipped.”

Animal Source sells a wide range of pet supplies and accessories, including numerous products for dogs, such as beds, toys, treats and leads. They also stock accessories for aquariums, bird cages, cat flaps, rabbit hutches and vivarium’s.

These products are all chosen for their quality and value for money, and the company prides itself on its excellent customer service.

For more information on microchipping your dog, contact the expert staff at Animal Source.

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