Citronella Dog Collars Can Make Your Dog Stop Barking

If you have a dog that always barks, no matter where you are with it, you can use citronella dog collars to make your dog stop barking. If you want to go with your dog to a walk in the park, but you cannot do this because your dog is aggressive with other dogs or he is always barking, than you should buy dog collars to stop barking.

You can consult with your dog trainer and if he can’t make your dog stop barking, than he can advice you which dog collar to buy. Citronella dog collars uses a citronella spray, to make you dog stop barking. Inside the citronella dog collars is a microphone that releases the spray whenever your dogs tries to bark. After the spray finishes you can refill the collar with citronella spray.

You do not have to stay near your dog to make him stop barking, with the citronella dog collars you can easily train your dog without much effort. Dog collars to stop barking will help you to train your dog even when you are not around your dog. You do not have to be afraid that the citronella spray can do any harm to your dog.

It is a common method for dog owners to prevent their dogs to bark. When you are at a party or you want to take your dog for a walk, you wouldn’t like your dog to bark at your guests or to other dogs or people in the park. The dog collars to stop barking are the safest method to train your dog without the help of a trainer.

After your dog has a couple of sprays in his nose, he will realize after a while that barking makes that unpleasant spray to be released and he won’t bark every time he sees a bird or a cat. The spray is harmless for the dog, but what about humans? You do not have to worry that the spray has any effect on humans.

You can use the citronella spray even if you have a small child around, it will be inoffensive to him. The citronella dog collars work with rechargeable batteries, so you have to check the batteries whenever you see that your dogs is still barking with the collar on. You can refill the collars very easily because of the special mechanism that is inside the collar and allows you to refill it whenever you have to.

You should check also if the collar is too tight or to loose on your dog’s neck to prevent the collar to fall. If you have decided to use citronella dog collars you should know that you dog need to have at least 3 kilos or 6 pounds. Your dog should be also 6 months old. You cannot use the collar for very small dogs.

It is recommended to use the collar to medium size dogs and also to big dogs. You have to pay attention at the behavior of your dog after the spray is released and decide if your dog really needs to wear dog collars to stop barking. The citronella dog collars work with rechargeable batteries. Dog collars to stop barking can help you training your dog.

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