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Six days ago we propose and develop a discussion on the method in which it was possible filtration of the famous speech of Bielsa. We decided to set eyes on the how, not the why, partly because by then we knew we had audio that was released only a small part (the end) of a much longer speech.

Today we know the full content, published exclusively by Deia. At the risk of that incongruous judge me, once addressed the issue earlier and now taking full speech to his players Marcelo Bielsa, a day after losing the final of the Copa del Rey with Barcelona, ​​seventeen after falling against Atletico in the final of the Europa League, I invite you to read it and then we discuss what we think.

In the coming days the club and I will decide if I’m going to keep working here next season, Athletic. The holidays have just begun and I do not know if I will see. If it continues, I would connect with you to schedule anything having to do with dates. Or maybe you can not do if the club and I decided to not be the next coach. I wanted to say hello. Maybe it’s just a farewell for the next season or maybe longer see them again.

Briefly tell them it was a season that ended badly, really ended badly. We can not ignore how it ended. Would assess the development a hoax because the closure was very bad, I honestly was very bad. I do absolutely responsible for how close and tell them clearly because we played a great game against Portugal and then later everything was negative.

The game yesterday confirmed from my perspective, because players emblem inside of my thinking, my way of feeling football for De Marcos, Amorebieta, Susaeta, Muniain, a guy that I tune emotionally on the same wavelength, it fell short of the party. In a group of 20 players, there are players that look like what you want, and there are players that are different to what you want.

But all are useful and together we made enormous efforts to achieve important things we got. But, boys, we were not up to the illusion that we generate. It is a scar, a wound, I heard on the bus yesterday, talks, laughs.

It seems inadmissible, boys, mobilize people to disappoint the people, not living up to the illusions generated because I am truly ashamed of having let down the fans of Athletic Bilbao. Because not lose sight, guys, that disappointed.’s Truly a failure and is a negative season. Because if you play two finals, the can lose, not 3-0, but 5-0. The can lose, there is no problem.

But losing both finals as lost, boys! I honestly do not know how they see you. If Atletico Madrid, was wrong, yesterday was much worse. And when I say I am responsible, we play the game against Barcelona Barcelona knowing what we were going to face, knowing what kind of game we had to neutralize, not surprised absolutely nothing. All I thought was going to happen and we prepare to neutralize, is what happened.

How then I will not feel responsible, and how do I will not feel responsible if rates representing more genuinely my idea are the least implication have in guiding and equipment in transit? Not know if I understand what they want to say.

I can get you the responsibility you saying no, because this, not because that, not because the other, not because they ignored, not because we do not prepare. No, guys, nothing like that. Were trained animals ten days, and subjected obeyed and applied to everything I asked them to everything I approached them, to all that I hoped we did not so that differences whatever they were.

So boys are quite clear, but keep well clear and not take it as a drawing, which I am responsible and so sorry. I feel that way, but you do not ignore that you can not disappoint a people, a people apart so naive, so naive, that is losing three nil with an open wound and you make a move minimally positive and applauded the minute eighties. extraordinary is a town, boys, so extraordinary, so extraordinary and you are giving off that town.

You are the people. You are the same kind of people we are talking about. Extraordinary people, but unfortunately, guys, we were not up to par. I’m embarrassed, ashamed, for having played the game we played against Sporting Lisbon … And from there on, when all objectives were achieved, which was to prove greatness, strength, personality, self confidence … Reinforce all we did, we did the opposite.

I insist. When I say that I feel responsible, I would not feel responsible if you had driven a group that did not obey, he did not feel that was not convinced that internal cracks opened, but this was the opposite.

Those who did not play, boys, to Zuabiaurre, the Koikili, to Aitor Ocio, guys who could have swollen eggs. Everyone behind the project encolumnado what I was proposing. I have nothing to reclaim anything to anyone, but for the sake of you, for your future, I have an obligation to tell you that: have disappointed a people who did not deserve it and did not miss out champion to not disappoint.

Keep it clear. It took as I said yesterday: instead of being afraid to lose playing to win. Played not to win, not play to win yesterday and did not play to win with Atletico. Because to play, to win, guys, you have to do what you had planned to do, believing it would allow you to win. And we did not do that.

Now everything is gone, no more games to see or things to discuss, or heads that sort, or messages give. Longer we let the opportunity pass. And apart also are aware that they are very young, very young, are Premature millionaires have no problems, do not care much what’s going to happen, because everyone has figured out what will happen. Allowed to laugh …

I take my hat off to never never to wear it in his presence. It seems a remarkably lucid speech so clear, could only come out of the mouth of a madman. At Loco Bielsa we may get a thousand defects, argue their case, their method. But this address to your boys, which for many will touch the diatribe and, of course, has a strong character of warning, it seems a memorable speech.

History. Football consists of more failures than successes. Seldom can know, word for word, what flavor is the failure, it hurts, how it sounds … Only a fool, a genius, could do something like: exposing the painful truth of a failure without filters, bluntly, stark.

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