Dry-Erase Boards: Futuristic Office Stationary

Dry-Erase Boards, more commonly known as Whiteboards, gained an edge over traditional blackboards and their green counterpart’s way back in 1990s. These boards make use of special type of markers and whatever you write with these markers on the board can be easily erased.

These days, Dry-Erase Boards are commonly used in universities and schools for students of all ages all over the United States of America. There are various factors involved that account for its popularity and reputation.

There are different types of Dry-Erase Boards that are in use and are available in market. The inexpensive ones are made by covering the cardboard core using melamine resins. The more expensive ones have a polyester sheath and a steel core.

The best and most expensive quality is that of enameled steel boards. All these boards use a felt tip marker which contains an ink that breaks down into an easily erasable compound as soon as it dries.

Mostly all schools are switching to Dry-Erase Boards because of the rising concern of asthmatic and allergic reactions that chalkboards cause. Initially these boards were marketed as an alternative that is hypo-allergenic to chalk. Following are some reasons why Dry-Erase Boards are preferred over traditional blackboards:

• They are much easier to use and do not cause any mess.
• What is written on these boards is much easier to read and learning can become fun because of wider variety of colors that can be used.
• They do not pose any harm since there is no residue left as in case of chalk.

Though some people discourage the use of Dry-Erase Boards because of the ‘ghosting effect’ that comes along, experts debate that writing on a whiteboard with the marker has the same effect, good or bad, as in writing on a white paper with pencil and therefore it is much easier for students to understand and visualize.

In some cases, the strong odor emanated by the markers may cause allergic reactions but better quality markers are available in the market which have significantly less odor and do not pose any harm. All you need to do is take care and avoid the marker ink’s contact with clothing since it can cause tough stains that are quite difficult to remove.

Dry-Erase Boards are also used commonly in offices. Because it does not produce much dust, there are very less chances of expensive office items getting affected. Along with these white boards, other modern items such as Sanitizer Stations, HP Toner Cartridges, Biodegradable Trash Bags, Brother Inkjets, Storage Cabinets, toner cartridges are replacing traditional school and office supplies.

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