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How To Brighten Up A Dark Room- You Need Know

Have you ever been in a dark room and felt as if it had a negative impact on your mood? There are many things you can do to brighten up a dark room, including using window treatments like blinds or curtains or even shutters in Sydney. You can also use lamps to brighten up a room by lighting it from above instead of below, which is what normally happens in darker rooms because the ceiling tends to be lower than other rooms.

Use a light-coloured paint on the walls to reflect light

Using a light-coloured paint on the walls can help brighten up a dark room, by reflecting back more light than darker colours would. Light colours such as white, or light greys are often used in brighter rooms, so applying them to dark ones can have the same effect.

Add more mirrors to create an illusion of space

Adding mirrors in a room can create the illusion of more space, which can help brighten up a dark room. They reflect light to make the space appear brighter than it is. In addition, it is very decorative and adds a nice touch to the room.

Hang some artwork or pictures on the wall for decoration

Decor can create a lot of interest in the room. It is also easy to change if you get bored of it or want a different look, but are on a budget. Hanging some artwork or pictures on the walls create an aura of warmth and happiness. It also brightens up a dark room by reflecting more light on the walls.

Install recessed lighting in your ceiling

Recessed lighting on your ceiling can create a lot of light in any room and their very unobtrusive and non-intrusive. They can be set to a certain brightness and/or turned off with the flick of a switch on the wall, so if you have guests over, they will not have to fiddle around with any lights or ask for help from your family members in order to control them.

Builders often use recessed lighting when building new homes because it creates such an inviting atmosphere that is perfect for entertaining guests. Recessed lighting also makes rooms look larger than what they actually are due to their reflective surface which reflects light throughout the room.

Place lamps around the room so there is always one close by when you need it

Placing a lot of lamps in the room can also help to brighten up the room, especially if it is dark outside. You can also find lamps that are built into furniture so they do not appear too bulky or take up a lot of space on your end tables and dressers.

Lamps will give off an inviting glow to any room in which you place them due to their soft light that reflects across walls and surfaces like paintings or photos giving it more of a three-dimensional look.

Replace your old, dark curtains with lighter ones that will let in more sunlight and keep out unwanted drafts

Replacing old light-blocking curtains in Sydney homes with those made of sheer fabrics etc can also help brighten up a dark room. Sheer fabrics offer far more light than using thicker fabrics but without compromising on privacy and other aspects.

You can even make Roman blinds in Sydney using sheer fabrics, which will also help to brighten up a room, and give you great control over privacy.


Consider adding more sconces to areas around your home for added lighting during darker days or evenings when you may not be able to have all lights turned on at once without overloading circuits etc. This is especially important if any rooms are receiving very little natural sunlight throughout the day time hours outside which would make it harder for these rooms to seem brighter.

Plants and foliage

Using plants in front of windows will also let in natural light, while still providing you with the privacy you need. In addition, they will also give the room a greener feel to it and will also help with the interior decor.

Dimmer Switches

If you have dimmer switches, consider turning them up in rooms that are hard for you to brighten or making sure they’re turned on when people come over who may be able to see better than yourself what’s going on in these areas of concern. This is also important if any lights appear too harsh or intimidating or don’t emit enough light so as not knowing how much brightness is actually needed inside a particular area without being overbearing etc.

There are several things that you can do when trying to brighten up a dark room. These include using window treatments such as drapes, roller shades, etc., adding more mirrors if needed and even planting some houseplants indoors for added natural light. Try these tips today.

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