How to The Power is in Your Mind – You Should Know

Some theorists suggest that about 95% of a person’s life is controlled and regulated by the unconscious mind. Therefore, we conclude that if one is able to control more of the subconscious mind, then a person can effectively maintain more control over the things that happen in life. This then implies a link between what happens in the conscious mind and what happens in the subconscious mind.

The Reticular Activating System

The Reticular Activating System, or RAS, is a part of the brain that makes the link between the conscious and the unconscious possible. Physiologically, controls arousal and sleep-wake transitions. In NLP is very important because it regulates the achievement of goals.

The RAS acting as information filtering system of the brain. There is the theory that a person is exposed to millions of pieces of information every second – that is, the information captured by the five senses. A person can see things, hear things, feel things, taste things and smell things all at the same time.

The RAS filters these pieces of information and passes only the bits of information that are relevant. It is believed that the RAS can process about 126 pieces of information per second.

The RAS of each person is unique to them and, therefore, the pieces of information leaked, are unique to the specific objectives of each person. One can imagine then that the RAS is a highly specialized tool, letting very specific information for your consideration and attention, and is guided by the approach of a person on a daily basis.

To illustrate the operation of the RAS and the link between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind consider the following example: A person at a social gathering, having a conversation with his friend when suddenly your friend uses a word I never heard before but I like it.

They leave the social gathering and make a concerted effort to remember the word used by his friend. In the days and weeks that follow, they begin to hear the same word everywhere – on the bus, on the street, at work. Not coincidentally, the monster thinks it is. This is indeed the RAS, leaving that piece of information (the word) through the filter because they have consciously focused on it.

This example illustrates the power of the unconscious mind, and therefore is very important to be careful with what you focus. In the RAS can not distinguish the positive negative so if a person focuses on the loss of their jobs, worrying about him every day, maybe your RAS will allow information through which hinders their performance work, or leads to persistent poverty timing, information that eventually will lead to losing their jobs.

If a person focuses on the positive all you need is to leave on the unconscious and early positive results were derived

Focusing on the Unconscious, to achieve goals

What a person focuses on consciousness manifests unconsciously, and finally, in the reality of that person. The neurolinguistics programming is a powerful tool. Awareness should lead only to be much more aware of how important it is to keep positive thoughts. Here’s the secret . This will be a reflection process every day.

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