Travel Tips to Keep in Mind Before Visiting Pakistan

As per the tourist who visited Pakistan in past, traveling Pakistan is the ultimate adventurous experience. Pakistan has been affected by political instability in previous years. But this situation is almost recovered nowadays. Ministry of tourism has amazing facilities and projects started for people who travel the world.

There are many airline companies who offer cheap flights from Birmingham to Lahore now. And the number of tourists has also been highly increased in previous years. So if you are planning to travel to Pakistan, here are some travel tips for you.

Following are the travel tips that you can keep in mind before visiting Pakistan.

1. Beware! It’s Landscape:

Pakistanis one of those blessed countries, which has a variety of landscapes available. With that being said, you really need to beware from its landscapes along with nature. It has lofty mountains in the North, with 3 different and one of the highest mountain ranges in the world.

Plateaus and plains in the province of Punjab, barren land in Baluchistan, dry desserts in Sindh and beautiful golden beaches in Mekran. These different landscapes lead to diversity in the daily life of its people. Which leads to the difference in clothing styles, food, and an entire culture.

2. Sensitivity in Culture:

There is a huge variety of ethnic groups and cultures in Pakistan. In detail, there are so many languages spoken in each part of the country. There is Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashtun, Saraiki, Hazara, and Baloch. But there is one language that works as the mediate language between them all, Urdu.

Although, the variety of culture has its own customs and traditions a major culture sensitivity is a less direct interaction between opposite gender. Although the major cities are modern in this scenario. But it is the general way it is perceived in other small or big cities.

3. Overwhelming Hospitality:

Hospitality is what Pakistanis are known for. That is what majority of international tourist who traveled Pakistan would tell you. Guests reconsidered a blessing in the majority of the culture here, which is the reason that Pakistanis are respectful towards their guests. Whether it’s staying at someone’s place of even hotels.

The host will do anything and everything to provide the guest with extra comfort and won’t hesitate going extra mile for it. Therefore, you are going to be pampered a lot with comfort and lots of traditional food even without having hunger.

4. Historical Places:

Historical places are the most common places that you can visit in Pakistan to understand the culture. You will get normal people enjoying these places with their families, which will be a picture of its collectivist cultural value. These places are spread over in every province of the country. From Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the areas of Sindh. From forts of Mughal Era to the Mausoleums of national heroes. There are so many beautiful places that you cannot miss to visit while traveling in Pakistan.

These are the most highlighted areas that you should keep in mind, preparing according to the landscapes and its temperature, educating yourself about cultural sensitivities, preparing your mind for lots of hospitality and historical places being the must-visit points.

Although, there are so many other things about Pakistan that make it one of the most beautiful countries filled with natural beauty. But these are the top tips for you.

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