Hawaiian Massage Chair Therapy Gives Daily Back Pain Relief

Did you know that 4 out of 5 people will suffer from back pain? That is 80% of the population. Our backs take a beating and pain and discomfort is the result. Of the 4 people only half will actually seek treatment.

Hawaiian- The other half will live with the discomfort. If that half only knew that Hawaiian massage therapy is a great way to get relief, they might be more tempted to actually get help.

Reran Hawaiian massage has evolved from the ancient healers of the Hawaiian islands. These master healers developed specific massage methodologies through time to relief problems throughout the body. One particular method is the Lomi Lomi massage.

This Hawaiian technique uses the hands to work gently, yet firmly over the entire body. This therapy is particularly effective in relieving back pain, since it penetrates deeper and deeper.

These ancient practitioners saw the total energy flow through the body. They say that energy flow was sometimes hindered in certain regions, yet flowed in others. In time a holistic approach to healing and well being was developed. But specifically what they found was areas of energy blockage could be manipulated.

With the development of different massage techniques, the energy flow of the body could be restored. This restoration brought back balance to the body.

Hawaiian massage uses flowing, rhythmic motions that help to loosen and elongate muscles. These rhythmic motions feel like waves moving about the body. These full body strokes help to release blockages to the energy flow in the body, releasing tension and soothing aches and pains.

The swaying motions are also coupled with more pressure to work deeper into the muscles. The Hawaiian massage helps to bring back flexibility to sore and aching muscles and tendons.

Hawaiian massage techniques are now being integrated into the best massage chair brands like Panasonic and Omega. Panasonic has developed software programs that replicate the key techniques of Hawaiian massage. You can find one-touch massage buttons just for this specialized therapy technique.

Other companies like Omega have integrated some of the more effective movements like the gentle swaying motion. Omega also includes stretching or lower body traction in its recliners to help the stretching and loosening of tight muscles for great relief.

Massage chairs have made so many incredible advances. Who would have thought you could get a Hawaiian massage? These advanced recliners have a variety of massage therapies to choose from for whole body relief. If you suffer from back pain, then maybe the Hawaiian massage technique is right for you. Consult your care provider.

Let a massage chair soothe your aches and pains with a relieving Hawaiian style massage.

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