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The Community Managers Activate Social Networks

Social networks originally created to share views, experiences and see the different points of view of others and learn. The fundamental difference of Web 2.0 from above is that the user has the power. To some extent, one could say it has become democratized. There is no longer a webmaster is that writes and others agree, if not the users themselves or followers are those who write, create discussions, posts, etc.

In this context, the Community Manager of a company should listen and help their followers or subscribers. See what need, what they ask, what discussions they want to create, ultimately the role of old customer service. If our follower us questions by very simple to make it, must give an answer you or find the answer if we do not know.

A Community Professional Manager of a company must be in continuous conversation with the Community Managers of partners or partners of the company. As in life 1.0, 2.0, the Union is strength and if several people join their synergies result is more positive.

Suppose that a registered user of a Social network specializing in kitchen asked its Community Manager if you know a restaurant worthwhile in Salamanca to take a good ham and rich tapas. If the Community Manager know of any restaurant that meets the needs of the user, communicates it. If you don’t know, call a restaurant that fulfils the requirements requesting the follower or user available.

If the Community Manager understands that the question is too easy to answer and do not, or simply does not respond to a user, it will take note and may be the beginning of a problem.

May also occur that a user on Twitter after a training company, ask the Community Manager on a course. Logically, the community manager will learn to “imply” courses and inform you of some additional issues which are not on the link that has seen the follower.

The community manager of a company should listen to his followers, guide them, give them the content calling and help them at all times.

The figure of the community manager of a social network is created to help users understand the Social network, interact, ultimately to achieve the social network to be successful, the users feel comfortable and eager to re-enter the social network.

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