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6 Ways to Viral Your Content You Need Know

Getting your users to share your notes or videos is not an easy task. Follow these strategies and increase your traffic.

Specialists in online marketing constantly talk about creating “viral” content – and with good reason. Viral content spreads so fast you can build links quickly and with relatively little effort. Not only do these links send traffic directly to your site, but can improve its position in search engines, allowing you to increase the number of new visitors.

Although very little information is viral Internet, you can analyze the content that has been widely shared and find the keys that made ​​it so popular among users. We give you six tips that can help your online content is distributed:

1. I am absurd

Some of the most popular viral videos involve absurd characters. If you can imagine a unique and attractive character you will notice a huge growth in the amount of notes or video sharing and traffic to your site and improve your brand recognition in the market. But beware! Do not get carried away and think a group of characters. It may be difficult to invent a new one that will delight the online audience, and many failures may end up affecting your brand.

2. Captures emerging trends

Launching fresh content and time on an emerging trend, you can gain an advantageous position over others and capture the attention of thousands. People may be more apt to share this new content, which can attract more visitors to your site. Furthermore you can improve your online positioning as Google gives preference to the oldest content.

3. Think sonic terms

Sometimes the viral content simply because it sounds good spread and “sticks”. To determine if your content has this quality, try reading the first words or slogan as if you were a newscast. Would you like to turn up the audio to learn more about your piece from this information? If it fails, go back a few steps back, to your board of ideas, until you have the required content for people to share hook.

4. Use info graphics

Info graphics are highly compelling visuals and operate in more viral content on the Internet, since most people prefer to learn through images than through long texts. To understand the power of info graphics enough to analyze recent studies, for example,, computer graphics Jordan Koene on Star Wars was a hit because no one had previously submitted the information that way.

5. Identify influencers

Having the support of an authority in your industry can help your viral content. Simply by attaching the name of influencer in your blog or article can give you enough attention. Start building relationships with leaders in your industry. After you post your best article or your best video, ask the influencers to share your content with their followers. Not everyone will agree, but one “yes” meaning you can traffic that will make your content go viral.

6. It offers great value

Providing exceptional value in your article or video can give you the status of viral. For example, if everyone in your industry offers a list of “Top 10″ on a particular issue, how much you think you generate more interest if you offer the “Top 100″? Go beyond what you offer your competition can help increase the number of times your content is shared.

Although these tips can increase opportunities for users to share your content, keep in mind that there is no guarantee that it resonates among his audience. Viral is a difficult task to achieve. So while you think viral content, not leave behind the correct structure of your site and the SEO strategies.

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