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Best Investment – It’s Time for US Real Estate

Why back a REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT in 2022 Despite the swings of inflation, land , being a true asset, resists quite well to the variations imposed by events. the important estate market has entered an important phase of evolution, because of a flywheel effect, such the positive perspective is projected on the distance.

The flywheel model is after all very reassuring for investors, since it’s based on the principle of small steps. Many small steps guarantee a continuing growth of the market, instead of the sudden turns that bring with them greater uncertainty.

land INVESTMENTS in 2022 represent an important source of income, endless income, a guarantee within the context of a global economy that is affected by political changes and winds of war. A far-sighted choice where the US market lends itself particularly to the simplest investments today.

Geopolitical crisis and land market If it is true that a geopolitical crisis as important as the one we are experiencing was not foreseeable, nor was it conceivable a war criticality just like the current one that casts a long shadow of fear and bewilderment on everyone’s life, however, it’s equally true that precisely this crisis, which affects us all, it makes it necessary to consider solutions to protect savings.

Guaranteeing serenity and well-being to your family with appropriate investments, which permit you to limit the risks while still offering certain returns, becomes today a fundamental element. it’s clear that a geopolitical crisis leads, as a consequence, to greater market volatility and, since the start of the year, it’s an effect in sight of all, so an honest REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT must be able to compensate for this risk of greater market uncertainty, restoring stability to investors.

Unlike the remainder of the stock markets, where even heavy fluctuations are fast, sudden and determined by every slightest variation in international political entanglements, the important estate market represents an even firmer one, since it doesn’t change the intrinsic value of the asset: the property. Furthermore, during a REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT the income of the property is guaranteed by the market price of the rent, which, despite the possible fluctuations, however always returns the important value of the property being invested.

Moreover, at this point of war, where European currencies are heavily suffering from inflation and also by the sanctions in progress with Russia, the dollar instead seems to be the safe haven currency, in particular by important fluctuations and above all by repercussions given by sanctions and restrictions. Choosing to take a position IN AMERICA on a real estate asset, is therefore a far-sighted choice precisely because it’s inserted in the difficult historical context in which we find ourselves.

INVESTING within the USA is more than a safe haven The American real estate market, within the face of a general and global fatigue of the economy, companies and investments, has recorded a crucial recovery since 2021. After the crisis of shopping for and selling that characterized 2020, today the American land market is showing an important recovery, proposing itself as a true safe haven asset, ready to guarantee greater security than other investments.

INVESTING within the USA is particularly effective as it is an investment in income properties, that is, properties that are purchased as an investment and rented to tenants who live there. Income properties guarantee some certainties:

Income guaranteed by the prevailing lease that returns the constant and certain value of the property; Constant revaluation of the value of the property; Increasing strength of the currency, that is, the dollar.

INVESTING within the USA is not only a safe haven asset, but rather a winning choice that’s constantly strengthened thanks to the growing fluctuation of annuities that can reach 11%. In recent months, in fact, the expansion rate of rents in the US has risen steadily, now around 14%, a crucial percentage when it comes to an investment in an income property. The US land sector, for of these characteristics, today seems to be extremely interesting as a place to land in search of a guaranteed safe haven.

Opisas and advantages Opisas offers investors the guarantee of professionalism and therefore the possibility of taking advantage of an immediate income on income properties on the American market. the corporate has been operating since 2008 on international real estate investments, particularly on strategies to INVEST IN AMERICA, moving on the territory, supported an in-depth knowledge of local markets.

The properties proposed by Opisas are sold already renovated and rented to a clientele chosen and selected on the idea of strict American standards. Those proposed by Opisas are all guaranteed investments with high profitability, controlled and safe.

The proposals concern many states: Maryland with the likelihood of purchase in Baltimore; Florida with Properties in Tampa, Gorda, New Port Richey, Orlando, Jaksonville, Ocala; North Carolina particularly in Fayetteville; Michigan with guaranteed real estate in Detroit and Pennsylvania at Philadelphia

INVESTING IN AMERICA, with the guarantee of Opisas’ commitment, is straightforward and safe, since the corporate guarantees the completeness of the service in every step. a crucial choice for those who want immediate profitability and the certainty of safeguarding their real estate investment.

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