What is MRICS And How Can You Achieve It?

When someone advertises themselves as MRICS, it demands a sense of respect within the construction industry. For those who are new to construction, or perhaps have worked in construction for a while but not looked to progress before, you may be unsure of what MRICS actually means.

MRICS is chartered membership offered by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). You can enroll at any time within your career, but due to its prestigious nature, there are a number of entry requirements you need to meet beforehand.

To become chartered in any given field is evidence of your dedication to the role as well as the ethics and standards you uphold. A chartered individual shows professional qualification within their industry and in doing so provides the community with confidence in their skills.

Why become MRICS?

As discussed above, to become chartered in any industry is proof of the hard work you have put into learning your trade. A chartership isn’t easy to come by, and in doing so, you have provided evidence and shown understanding on the level of work you need to be willing to put into making the industry successful. There are multiple benefits for those who choose to become MRICS.

Firstly, the financial benefits you can receive. With MRICS you are showing employers what they can expect from you, and that bar will be high. This can increase employability and earnings. Furthermore, membership itself brings its own benefits.

Through membership with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors you are able to develop your own expertise through the resources RICS supply. You can also network around the globe thanks to their extensive reach and inclusive practices.

One key benefit to becoming MRICS is to be at the very heart of the industry. The RICS pride themselves on being central to the industry, involved in all forms of new practice and contemporary thinking. As a member, you to can access such innovative materials.

How to become MRICS?

For those looking to join RICS’ membership scheme and become a chartered member, there are two options you can take. Firstly, you can apply and go down the APC route. Alternatively, you can qualify through the “senior professionals, specialists and academics” route. RICS state that the APC route is the most popular of the two, most likely as it is the most accessible.


There are two options you can follow to qualify through APC. The first of which is to go through structured training. This training enables you to develop your skills over 12 to 24 months before your assessment. The duration of the course depends on your previous experience and learning requirements.

On the other hand, you can also apply via preliminary review. This route is suitable for those with a minimum of five years experience. With this experience you can go straight to your final assessment following a review of the evidence you submit demonstrating your skills.

Senior Professionals, Specialists or Academics

An alternative route to MRICS is via the senior professionals, specialists, or academic route. This is more of a niche route and has stricter entry requirements. To apply as a senior professional you need to have experience as a leader or manager within your field. For a specialist application you need to have recognized authority or enhanced skills within your sector. Finally, to apply via the academic route you need to be teaching or researching at a university.

Assistance with your MRICS application

Application to become a chartered member of RICS can be quite intimidating, and requires a lot of work and perseverance. To assist you with your application, some accredited education bodies can provide services that help your application. Such programme support you through each step, including the final assessment. This enables you to ensure you are getting the best chance of success.

Courses like those covered by the College of Contract Management can do just that. Experienced lecturers can help motivate you and guide you into submitting high quality evidence as well as creating well informed informational written assessments. Thanks to courses like this, application to becoming MRICS becomes much easier.

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