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Contribution of Instagram in the Social World – You Should Know

We all know that Instagram is a social app in which people connect and entertain themselves by sharing photos and videos. These days everything is about social life and people are getting interested in it.

From the previous two years, Instagram has been strengthened more and more. Gone are the days when people use Facebook and email each other to share photos among themselves. Nowadays everybody uses Instagram to remain in touch with everyone.

Instagram is getting famous so fatly. From the past to years it gained almost 1 billion active users. It is the highest rate as compared to other social media platforms.

According to research teenagers and adults, all kind of people of all ages uses Instagram. The average time that a normal person consumes on Instagram daily is 50 minutes. Most people who use Instagram more than this time are addicted to it.


Like all the social platforms it also has disadvantages. Excessive usage may cause eyesight weakness and migraine. Apart from these, this social media platform does have a great impact on our lives.

Most of the time people are so obsessed with this platform, that they don’t eat a single meal without posting its picture on Instagram. People are addicted to a level that they can’t take their eyes off of Instagram.

Power likes:

Everybody wants to gain Buy Instagram Power Likes. These are the likes that can help you to higher your chance of appearing on explore page. You get power basically when someone likes your post.

However when you get a like from a larger account that has more followers then you get more power. By getting power there is a high chance that more people will see your post and you could easily get more followers. These likes are automated likes.


Most people use Instagram as a means for doing business. Instagram has created businesses and careers too. The famous content creator of Instagram is known as an influencer

.The only way to judge their parameter of influence is by the number of followers they have. Instagram has influenced modern behaviors in many ways. Some are explained as under:

1. Too many beauty standards:

Most people criticize Instagram because people show filtered faces and too much artificial lifestyle. This can put others in a state of subconsciousness. It has another perspective as well. It has a diverse beauty vision.

These things are at the top because famous people and celebrities give them Instagram power likes. People don’t like to follow traditional beauty broadcasts anymore. They love new trends and these trends are provided by Instagram.

Many brands use trendsetters for their advertisement. Beauty brands are specifically prominent on Instagram.

Ways of traveling:

As Instagram is a means of photo sharing, we get all the information and view of the beautiful scenery all around the world. It is possible with just one click. Instagram does provide a beautiful medium for traveling lovers about travel inspiration.

Many international travelers also get Instagram power likes. According to research, almost 60% of people uses Instagram to share their travel ideas and journey. Most people find Instagram as an inspiration for their new journeys.

Everything has its pros and cons. It depends on how we are using it. Instagram is such a good platform for entertainment and information if it is used properly. However, its misuse can cause great damage to our youth.

Gone are the days when we considered historically significant persons, important. Nowadays according to our generation, social influencers are more important than the ones who are influenced in real life.

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