Go Solo: The Best Places To Travel Alone

Exploring the world on a solo trip is one of the most rewarding experiences. You can go to a desert island or you can spend your time in a frenetic new city. Whatever your preference here we have summed up some travel inspirations for you where you can go alone.

Lombok and the Gili islands, Indonesia

These islands are not as famous as the nearby Bali. However, these islands have started to make a name for themselves. These islands are especially famous among those who prefer to travel alone. Several travel routes have been set for tourists to access these islands.


Cuba has remained a colony for a long time and most of the building there presents an image of that era. However, with the shift in the political scene, several private businesses have been set up there. So, it is a great time for you to travel to Cuba. Most of the tourists to Cuba are solo travelers so it makes sense that you go there alone.


If you are planning to go to South America then we have a travel inspiration for you in the form of Guatemala. The place is rather inexpensive to visit. Due to this, you can extend your stay there. Most of the tourists there go hiking, kayaking, and rafting. Apart from that exploring jungles and visiting active volcanoes is something else that people do there.


Kenya has the reputation of having one of the most diverse ecosystems in the whole world. Kenya has proper infrastructure due to which it is easier to move around and find accommodation. Moreover, you can join a safari group or arrange a guide to visit the country. The African safari is the major travel inspiration for most people.

South Island, New Zealand

The activities that you can do on these islands are seemingly endless. You can go horse riding, skiing, hiking, kayaking, bungy jumping, skydiving, jet boating, and several others. Moreover, the islands have jaw-dropping landscapes. The whole country is an outdoor playground.

Barcelona, Spain

It is one the best places to go alone. You can either dine in the cafes of Barcelona or you can visit the beaches of the city. Moving around the city is pretty easy thanks to the easy-to-use public transport. Apart from that several travel routes have been set up for tourists as well.


The best thing about visiting Ireland alone is that you will never be alone. Just go to a pub and buy your neighbor a drink. Then you will have a friend for life. Staying for a while in the pub will give you the chance to hear Celtic music sessions. Going around the country is pretty tough if you don’t have a ride, however, you can always hitchhike.


If you are an experienced altitude trekker then you can always go to Nepal alone. However, we still suggest you hire a porter or join a proper group there. You don’t need much equipment to go hiking there as small teahouses have been opened throughout the country. This way you can buy food and take a rest on the way.

New York City, USA

So, where do we start exploring New York City from? There are tons of places there that you can visit like world-famous museums, art galleries, and iconic landmarks. There are several restaurants in the city; however, if you can’t handle restaurants alone then you can always get food from gourmet markets. You can browse the Brooklyn flea market and go people-watching in the Time Square.

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