Scuba Diving in Andaman – Discovering the Deep Blue Ocean

We were childhood friends and, we grew up in the same neighborhood. Our families took us on a trip every summer vacation. As we grew up, responsibilities took over all the fun but, I wanted this summer vacation to be different.

There are no vacations when we work but, we managed to take a few holidays and set out on the trip to revisit one of our favorite places, Andaman. We were looking forward to trying a few fun activities like Scuba diving in Andaman.

When we were kids, we enjoyed making sandcastles and jumping on the to and fro moving waves. Now we had planned to enroll in a few adventure sports at Andaman besides tanning and enjoying the view at the beaches.

We went through the list to pick a scuba diving course in Andaman. The packages offered try dive, PADI Scuba Diver Course, PADI Open Water Diver Course, PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course. We thought we should choose to try dive accurate for absolute beginners who were unsure if they wanted to commit to a full-time scuba diving course yet. But we went for the Advanced one as we wanted to explore the waters more.

We were alien to the world of scuba diving hence took in all the information related to signs and gear work carefully. We were ready to unravel the exotic marine life waiting for us at 40 feet deep at Dixon’s Pinnacle, one of the finest dive sites for scuba diving in Andaman. We were keen to see what it looked like in reality.

We got ready quickly with our frets, equipment and, the water was waiting patiently, as we did for our instructor. As we entered the water, we saw a sea of jellyfish that looked like they were greeting us.

The light was piercing through the water and, the golden-hued ocean looked royal to us. Our instructor was quite knowledgeable as he introduced us to some overwhelming facts. When we reached 21 meters deep, the view caught us already. We went so close to the marine life for the first time. We grabbed the chance to dive in the middle of a shoal of fish. It was a deep dive in our Advanced course that we picked from the scuba diving course in Andaman.

The ocean floor held a mesmerizing sight for us and, the island indeed proved to be breathtakingly beautiful. The variety of colors we witnessed 25 meters below the ocean surface would be hard to describe. The marine life, the corals and, the fishes were simply fantastic. We went 31 meters under for the deep dive that took us 50 minutes to cover our whole diving experience. The 50 minutes felt like a short time as they flew with the timeless beauty of the ocean.

As we moved back to the surface, I realized it was the most colorful dive, and it was worth all the expenses and training which led to this. Scuba diving in Andaman satisfied my body and soul. It was one of those experiences that we make promises to relive. We are sure about coming back here particularly for its Celebeswiki water sports and underwater adventures.

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