7 Benefits of Incontinence Pads You Should Know

With time, diseases and ways to conquer those diseases have evolved. Before the invention of incontinence pads, people used leaves, animal skins, clothes, and what not to control their or blood flow. But as we all know how unhygienic all this can be. So, finally between the 1950s-1960s, incontinence pads were introduced.

Firstly people didn’t like the idea or felt uncomfortable using them. But a march of awareness and breaking of societal stereotypes by a bunch of brilliant minds proved the use of incontinence pads relevant and safe.

As we know many infections, diseases, or natural cycles require incontinence pads to absorb the, fluids, or blood flow. This is just its use-case, there are various other benefits why switching to incontinence pads is necessary for maintaining your hygiene without compromising your comfort.

1. High Levels of Leaked Absorbency

When it comes to absorbing, incontinence pads are the best. These pads are highly recommended for most urinary incontinence patients because they come in a variety of absorbent powers. These pads keep you dry and comfortable due to their absorbent factor.

2. Comes in Different Unique Sizes

Manufacturers do not produce ‘one size fits all’ in these pads which makes these products accessible for anyone who needs them regardless of their body size, width, or height. This gives you the freedom to choose pads from a large variety of choices segregated according to flow, size, and duration.

3. Non-Bulky Appearance

These pads are made up of small impermeable multi-layered sheets possessing high absorbent powers. These pads are accurate to your chosen size. This makes them convenient to carry anywhere and discrete too as nobody can notice that you are using them.

4. Allows You to Carry On with Your Normal Duties

Incontinence diapers allow you to perform your regular activities without worrying about your condition. These pads absorb all the leaking or fluids and make you feel dry and comfortable. You would not even know it’s there.

5. Possess Odour Control Capabilities

This is a waste your body excretes and thus having a foul smell is generic. The bad smell of your  can make people around you uncomfortable and distant. Nobody would want to give you company because of that bad odour. One of the advantages of using incontinence pads is that they come with an odour management mechanism. This prevents the odour of  from flowing by the pad. And that’s not it, but it also covers the odour with fragrance. So, nobody will ever notice your problem and you don’t have to feel uncomfortable anymore.

6. Easily Disposable and Reusable

You can choose to go for reusable or disposable pads. To clean the reusable incontinence pads, you just need to wash them and dry them the same way you do with your clothes. Disposable pads are suitable for office working people as you can easily carry fresh supplies and have a proper space to change every time the need arises in office hours. Disposable pads are more reliable because of their hygiene check and it requires no effort in cleaning or drying them. You just need to change it and you are all fresh again.

7. Booster Pads

Out of many, this type of pads are designed in a way that one can wear them inside disposable undergarments, like pull up products or pants. This provides extra absorbency against leakages. One can simply insert a booster pad into the pants and can remove them once you are done using them. Once used, you can replace it for all day long protection.

One of the greatest advantages of booster pads is that you don’t need to completely change the product to enable a new protection. This proves to be beneficial to those who are less mobile in particular. Booster pads provide you with additional confidence, are easy to use, and often come at a low price.

Here are some situations where you can use a booster pad to get maximum benefits out of it:

  • While travelling long distances
  • For adding extra absorbent capacity at night
  • During public events or occasions

8. Useful for Both Males and Females

These pads are useful to both men and women and this makes them one of the highly used health products. These pads are readily available in stores and on the internet too. So, you can purchase them as per your convenience.

Wrapping Up

Invention and distribution of medical consumables products like incontinence pads is surely a revolutionary act to remember and be thankful for. From men to women, young to elderly, this medical consumables products is hygienic and comfortable to use for all.

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