Daily Positive Affirmations and Meditation Can Help You in Crisis

Positivity aid for managing a crisis? Sounds challenging but really helps you keep a calm and positive perspective and attitude during harsh times. Positive affirmations and meditation are some good options to change the mindset and can help you in crisis.


Positive affirmations are statements or phrases to overcome challenging, unhelpful and negative thoughts. They are as easy to practice as they sound once you get a hold of them.

You just have to repeat a sentence, it is that simple!


These affirmations are self-selected to encourage and motivate the involvement of positivity in your life. These can include phrases such as “I can. I Will. End of the story.”, “My work will be recognized in a positive way by my boss and colleagues.”, “I can do this”.

If you find yourself getting worked up because of the negativity then you use these affirmations to battle these subconscious designs and replace them with ways that are more helpful in adapting.

These affirmations can be used anywhere you want to bring optimism to your life. These can include controlling pessimistic feelings, productivity, overcoming a habit, increasing confidence and so on.

These positive affirmations can be more effective if they are paired with goal setting techniques and other positivity enhancing techniques. Sometimes we are just not able to self assure ourselves and say statements that will make us feel better mentally and emotionally. Technology has advanced and there are daily affirmations app free of cost and work to change the mindset.


Meditation is not changing yourself, it is a skill to have a different perspective and create awareness. There is no shutting off judgements, there is the observation of the world without any to understand them better. It teaches mindfulness, the engagement in any activity is consciously done. You are fully present in your surroundings.


Our body’s physiology undergoes many changes filling the cells with energy resulting in joy, happiness, and energy to perform daily tasks. Meditation reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, tension-related pain, joint problems, insomnia. Increases confidence, peace, emotional stability, the balance of mind and consciousness and many more.

Meditation or self-affirmation is not a practice of religion, anybody can follow these regardless of the faith. The maximum benefits can be gained if you make it a regular thing, even if it is for a few minutes.


Meditation and positive affirmations apps are good. If you struggle in making a routine with meditation and lose concentration easily then using these apps every day for some time will help you in life in better ways.

Some apps have this feature where you can record affirmations in your voice or hear the in-built ones. So whenever you are feeling low and unproductive and need a splash of motivation just simply turn to your preferred app to feel much better. While meditation features are in-built too, you can set an alarm and start meditation. The music used in the applications are soothing, build concentration and bring positivity.

To sum up,

It is okay not to be able to concentrate, there are many reasons behind it and beyond your control. If you are telling yourself positive things, it will only bring good changes in your life and make you deal with the situations better. Use the apps, if needed, at regular intervals and see the outcomes. You can even write on paper and paste it on your cupboard and read them frequently. It takes time but it will be worth it.

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