FC Barcelona 2-1 Celtic: Victoria’s Insistence

The FC Barcelona was submitted last night match Champions League against Celtic Glasgow on his worst enemy: the walled defense. A scenario that we are accustomed to see especially in the Champions League matches at the Camp Noun. Remember the game against Chelsea last season, or not go that far, the Spartak few weeks ago.

And why not jump on the Scottish side pitch with the shell of which later would display. And in doing so the first stages of the match coincided with the best minutes of Barca, who found space behind the 1-0 Scottish and had on several occasions. But it was Mascherano get the 0-1 own goal-again-in a dead-ball situation, and Neil Lennon locked themselves shamelessly in your area.

That’s when the real problems began for Barca. In previous seasons, when the team was ebullient level, the strategy did not care to take the rival eventually find a way to break their defense. It’s going the same this season, as despite that are taking Tito almost every game on, they do not manifest that superiority to which we were accustomed.

Of course, the club was better than Celtic and deserved the victory, but despite the large number of occasions and the fantastic performance of the visitors goal, Fraser Forster, at no time did the Scots really overwhelmed.

However, the club never stops trying to find the net until the referee blows the final, and yesterday, once again, found that insistence award.’ s No coincidence that the Blaugrana get as many goals in the final stages of the match. It the award for persistence conjugated exhausted from bailing defenses for 90 minutes.

The two goals of the Barça arrived Tuesday at the end of both the first and the second part. And both goals leave us interesting details. In the first, the club was able to pierce the rival goal when he finally made ​​a quick combination, with one or two touches, from Messi, Xavi and Iniesta. Until then circulation was tiresome and predictable, so that the accumulation of Celtic men did not suffer nor messed.

As for the second goal, a clear sign of that insistence until the final whistle we were talking about: a ball that focuses Adriano from the right, Jordi Alba tops in the small area. That is, in the 94th minute the two side Catalans were practically in the penalty area.

Finally, let us not mention the title of Marc Bartra, who capped his performance with note. It is true that underwent no great job, but it had little to no problems solved. He also left several details of what you can bring: good ball out, and power in the air, had a couple of chances to score in the first half.

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