Spain 1-1 France: Giroud Managed a Draw Right at the Death

With France as great rival group to be present at the World Cup, Spain received a gala selection with the clear objective of getting three points. A point was to witness the victory of Vicente Calderón the public, but in the last minute, a goal of Giroud put the final tables on the scoreboard.

Everyone draws Juanfran as guilty. With added time already served, a highway intended to be finished promoting the French goal on a counterattack. A monumental failure on the part of Atletico, that is undeniable, but it is very unfair to charge him with all the blame for the equalizer.

Up 1-0, Spain perfect

Spain started the meeting with the ambition that is aware of playing a big game. True to its identity, sought to monopolize the ball not only playing it a calm and clear, but recovering it as soon as possible the result of pressure. As a result, France was found locked in her field, with lines very close together and Benzema hitting the target every time he got the ball.

Not that the Spanish team created great chances but combined good plays especially in the area of Jordi Alba, and was comfortable with his domain. In the 24th minute the goal came from Sergio Ramos at the exit of a corner, and marked a turning point in the match.

France was aware that I had to start looking Casillas’ goal more vigorously, and although it was not really on the ropes to Spain until the second part, if you had time yet to give a scare in the first with a goal of Menez in dead-ball situation that was nullified by a non-existent offside. In what was no doubt the penalty for Koscielny to Peter, later Lloris stop with a fine save to Cesc Fabregas.

Tottenham goalkeeper was excellent speeches in the first part to keep alive the gala selection, but in the second period underwent hardly any work.

France much higher in the second

With the passage of minutes was accusing Spain fatigue, and luck was not Del Bosque’s side to make the changes ideals. Silva injuries and Arbeloa – the virus FIFA is primed with Real Madrid – forced him to give entrance to Cazorla and Juanfran.

Del Bosque decides to make the final change in the 75th minute when Spain had 15 minutes of utter exhaustion, decompensated in midfield and asking for oxygen. However, the coach decides to give input to Fernando Torres. Who knows if to catch a ball to the hole, look for a backlash, or just pressed for the return of the ‘Child’ at Vicente Calderon.

A Arbeloa is criticized every other day too. It can be understood if we assume that being the side of top teams like Real Madrid and Spain, is an extremely limited lateral attack. To make matters worse, having as neighbors two offensive portents as Marcelo and Jordi Alba, it helps disguise is shortcomings.

But in the absence of right-backs, both in Spain and in the market, significantly higher Arbeloa to his credit, that at least fulfills its mission. And tonight, more than ever, it has been noticed in the way that has managed to dry for 45 minutes at a player like Ribery.

The Bayern Munich player has begun his recital in the second half, when he takes on Juanfran. As I said above, the fingers are pointing to the side mattress for his grave error of last minute, but that was just a blip. What was not a blip were the times that France sought again and again the band of Atletico, aware that there was a weak point of Spain.

Deschamps turned to Ribery, Benzema and Valbuena in the flank left, and Juanfran was beaten again and again, especially when today was not that double pivot Xabi Alonso-Busquets to correct mistakes, so dear to the wood and was probably under as of tonight, will not return to separate anymore. But precisely because of this superiority manifests the French midfield, not understood very well that prefer inputting Torres.

Do not turn on any alarm, much less. Spain has given a draw against a strong opponent in the last minute, and is perfectly capable of taking all three points when he visited Gaul touch. But certainly, has been a very instructive clash Del Bosque and his. Twice pivot Xabi Alonso-Busquets who has often been questioned, tonight has been strengthened as the basis of the dominant Spanish football.

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