Pet Behavior Discoveries Helping to Stem Abandonment

Each and every year, in cities and towns across the planet, untold millions of pets are taken to shelters to be handed over by their owners to face slim prospect of survival. Pet

Something that to the general public has always been viewed as an act of selfishness and betrayal, particularly when it was older cats and dogs that had given their masters years of devotion.

People just assumed that the pets were being abandoned for two reasons, either the owners adopted them as puppies or kittens and had become bored with them as adults, or that owners were moving and no longer had the room for them.

Recent research however, has turned up some surprising facts, and the most startling of them all is that the #1 reason pet owners are giving up what in many cases is a beloved member of their family is none of the above.

The reason that the majority pets are abandoned at animal shelters is due to problematic behavior on the animals part. Behavior that can have an owner left wondering how to remove cat urine smell from concrete for instance.

In a recent Phone interview, the CEO of was able to elaborate on the topic and pass on a few words of hope for pet owners who may be experiencing problems.

He told us that, “One of the most common of them all that I hear about is cats and dogs urinating where they’re not supposed to. What you have to understand here is that while they may be domesticated, none the less all pets will still retain some of their wild animal instincts.

Animals use urine to mark their territory for instance, so things like a move to a new home or the introduction of another pet that they view as a competitor can trigger this instinct, even after they’ve been house-trained. Then again health conditions like the onset of arthritis or issues things like kidney problems and urinary tract conditions can also transfer over into pet urine problems.”

So a cat or dog that has been house-trained for years can develop issues that on the surface may appear to be a lapse in training or laziness on the animals part, problems that can have their owner removing cat urine smell from carpet.

The good news however, is that there are solutions and in many cases it may be as simple as a trip to the vet or a visit to an online site where information and products are now available for dealing with common pet problems. For over 10 years now Spencer Bellower has been providing answers and solutions for pet owners searching for solutions to their pets behavior problems.

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