Dog Skin Allergies Turning Owners Orange

Dog owners find themselves having to worry about many things when it comes to their new family member. They find they have to make sure they have all their shots, have nutritious food and get the exercise they need. There are some dog owners that have found their new addition suffers from dog skin allergies that have a direct link to them. This new set of dog skin allergies turns the owners orange.

Veterinarians across the county are puzzled at this new turn of events. It seems that only one breed of dog is affected but they don’t know if it could spread to other breeds. “One of my patients was brought in by her owner and I saw this rash on her skin. I investigated and I find that it’s a skin irritation but what I find odd is that her owner had huge orange spots on her hands and arms.

After asking, the owner told me those were the same spots she had skin to skin contact with her dog.” Dr. Larne Shelton, local vet, stated.

That is the same story that is being repeated in different animal clinics. Dog owners are turning orange in spots because they have had skin to skin contact with their pet’s open rash. This rash doesn’t appear to wet nor does it ooze pus. The common symptoms appear to be a series of red bumps and welts across the skin. Vets are also saying the skin has a dry appearance and dogs seem scratch the rash area constantly. These are the only things that have connected the infected dogs and owners so far.

Area vets are saying they have seen an increase in their patients with this ailment so local doctors were asked if there was an increase with patients being treated for orange skin. “I haven’t seen an increase in my work load but I have heard the local dermatologist has been overwhelmed with orange patients.” Dr. Evelyn Romero stated.

With the increasing number of rashes happening in dogs and owners turning orange, there have been calls put into the CDDC, Centers for Dog Disease Control, for an explanation and help in finding the cause for this phenomenon. There have been no warnings issued from the CDDC as of yet but local vets are asking dog owners to bring their pets in as soon as they see a rash appear suddenly on their dog.

They also ask those that have a dog with a rash to limit skin to skin contact or they run the risk of turning orange.

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