The First Visit to a Football Field

Today was a strange Sunday. It went to eat with uncles and cousins ​​and stayed with friends from school to take a bike ride. My dad asked me to go with him to football, to see him in the field, and although at first I liked the idea I said yes to see what it was that of which he spoke so often, that made him scream when watched TV and that was also the reason why mom always puts turns.

He had done his homework on Saturday so I had no problem as last week, it did not and the teacher punished me putting twice divisions. We left home early, before it took me to eat a hamburger and then we got to the field. It was to be the first time I’d see a football game.

At first I was very cloudy and looked like it was going to rain, but in the end it seems that the clouds have agreed to leave and let the sun saw the party with us. There were many people there and Dad had a hard time finding a place to park. I came today said one of the good guys and it would be very difficult for the team to our city, but I was sure we were going to win. Then I asked why he said “we”, also dad to jump? Bowling? Am I going to stay there alone?

When I finally found a place and we walked onto the field I noticed the amount of people going with scarves and flags. Some were crying and others singing, and some said much those bad words that the teacher always tells us that we do not repeat when someone says in class.

Yes, here in the country laughed after saying them, did not seem very angry. When finally we were inside we sat and watched the players that were already on the lawn, I asked if we had arrived late and I said no, they were warming up for the match. We sat near a group kept shouting and gave me a little scared, but Dad gave me a hug and told me it was okay.

Never seen so many people in one place, when players had left and gone back to play again and there was not a single empty seat, but Dad told me it was not normal and this time it was because they came good. I was also surprised to see so many people eating pipes. When the man who was of different colors blew a whistle players started the match.

My first thought is that they ran over and gave the ball harder, but it was not so different from the games played at school the upper grades. Or so I thought. Dad watched the game with lots of encouragement and sometimes stood up and complained about the man who was of different colors.

After one of the team’s players got good goal in the goal of our team and dad put his hands to his head and got a little sad. I think now my turn to give him a hug and tell him it was okay. So thought the whole field, still singing and clapping, I tried to do the same and sang and clapped as he saw, and though I tried to whistle goes well.

But the best part was near the end, when our team scored a goal and dad and the people there went crazy. Not sure why, but I celebrated Dad imitating gestures as if he won a game to the console or have expired in a career in gymnastics. I got up and sat me on his shoulders, and there, from the top, I just lacked the crown to be the king of the football field.

In the end the match was a draw, but for me it was as if we had won. When we returned to the car he told me that we would see some more game and also told me that will take me to a school where teams play my age. The rest of the trip I fell asleep, I was very tired. Tomorrow I will take to school the ball I got for my birthday and I will tell all my first visit to a field. Maybe I start to like this football. “

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