The Time of Martin Montoya

Assuming that an injured player can never be good news, yes we can recognize that when Dani Alves Sunday was substituted in the 27th minute due to injury, was fulfilled that saying “every cloud has by a silver lining. ” As he jumped onto the field Martín Montoya, and FC Barcelona welcomed the change.

No doubt that at full capacity, Dani Alves is the best right back in the world. But it is clear that the Brazilian is signing their worst start to a season since he landed in the Camp Noun. We do not know whether to have seen more outside than inside the team last summer. We do not know if he has tempted some juicy offer clubs like PSG . But every day seems more evident that the stage at the club Alves is poised to close.

Two glaring errors we have noted in recent weeks. The first, in Trochowski goal against Sevilla. The second, in the first goal from Cristiano Ronaldo last night. Both actions are very similar, with Dani Alves leaving a huge hole in your area, to make matters worse they do not come to close with the determination to wait for him.

Gone are those days when he was master of the right wing, which rose and fell thirty times per game, which unfolded baseline rushing and leaving opposing defenses completely overwhelmed. It seems like I lost that ambition and dedication that characterized him.

Piqué and Payola are two very low weight, and Dani Alves errors are pronounced when not to correct them. Their area was a loophole until it was sutituido by Martin Montoya. And that’s the best news for FC Barcelona: no need to go to the market to find a replacement guarantee. You got it.

Today it has been known that injury to Alves depart from the pitch for three weeks, and this only means one thing: it’s time for Martin Montoya. The time to seize the opportunity that presents itself, as it did yesterday against Real Madrid , or around the Super Copa own set against white. It is your opportunity to show Tito Villanova that the future of Barça right wing has their name on it.

Needless to say we still have much to learn, especially on the defensive, but in 21 years you can imagine what room for improvement remains. Against Real Madrid, the Barca game was balanced with his presence. Barça started the game winning force on the right, and Marcelo suffered repeatedly additions to attack young Blaugrana side that could decide the match even with that shot in the final minutes that crashed off the crossbar.

It is not, by any means, to depose Dani Alves. Maybe you just have to give it some time and attention to regain the form that we all know. But today, Montoya brings more to the Brazilian club. Surely it will show during the next three weeks.

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